Year 2 STEM Rocket Challenges

Mon, 19 Feb 2018

The Year 2 children invited their parents to join in with a Rocket Workshop to round of their first half of the term. The children were assigned to five groups: Neutron, Atom, Peake, Sputnik and Einstein, and completed a round-robin of five STEM challenges relating to this term’s ‘Out of this World’ topic. The children built hoop glider rockets, straw rockets and balloon powered rockets. Dr Wall from the Boys’ Prep brought along some Prep III boys to assist him with the fourth activity which involved the children mapping out the solar system around a giant ball representing the sun, before making scale models of the plant Earth using plasticine. The final activity saw the return of the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar rockets – the parents and children built their models before testing them from a launch pad on the field. There were some great successes (a particular well done to Amalia and her Dad) but also some hilarious misfires which the children enjoyed almost as much!