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Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Week 3: 11/5/2018

Summer Term – Week 3

We have been blessed with a lovely, sunny week which has seen all of the children making full use of our beautiful grounds. Crobbs and Dickie, our resident tortoises, made a welcome return to school and the children have all been busy collecting dandelion leaves for them at play time. The children have also been working hard to create some colourful art work and impressive pieces of writing for their classroom walls. The school is looking superb and the staff have done a terrific job of bringing their classrooms together ahead of Open Day. This term we wanted to give all of our Year 2s the opportunity to be a part of Open Day if they wished to. They are so enthusiastic and full of love for their school that I am confident that they will all do a great job of sharing this with prospective parents. Thank you for lending them to us on a Saturday!

Summer 2018 Week 3 Newsletter (PDF – 632Kb)