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Michaelmas 2018

Michaelmas 2018 Week 4: 28/9/2018

Michaelmas Term – Week 4

Having spent the last three days below ground in the Celtic Manor Conference Centre it feels very good to be back in the lovely autumn sunshine at Agincourt this afternoon. The children were most entertained by the idea that Mrs Phillips has been to school for grown-ups and are considering the concept that perhaps you really are never too old to learn. A common theme amongst the seminars was the need to move to a more skills-based curriculum in order to encourage the creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities that the employers of the future will be looking for in our young people. Strategies to foster social responsibility and sustainable development were also frequently discussed. Taking a little time to reflect does make me appreciate that providing your children with an environment that allows them to flourish is a privilege, and a responsibility from which we all gain great pleasure.

Michaelmas 2018 Week 4 Newsletter (PDF – 655Kb)