Michaelmas 2017 Week 8: 8/11/2017

Michaelmas Term – Week 8

It has been a week full of trips and excursions this week, and taking full advantage of our unique position within the ‘Monmouth Model’. Year 2 enjoyed a terrific afternoon of mathematical fun at Monmouth Girls’ Prep, and then Reception enjoyed refreshments at the Boys’ Prep at the halfway point during their sponsored walk on Thursday. Nursery enjoyed a trip out to Beechenhurst on Wednesday which just left Year 1, who had plenty of excitement of their own on Monday when the fire engine turned up to put out the ‘Great Fire of Agincourt’!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Friends of Agincourt and all of you for your support, during the half term break we have replaced the Nursery outdoor area surfacing with the assistance of funds gifted to us last year by the Friends, and Miss Lane has purchased three new state of the art lap tops for the children to use with this year’s donations. You are all fantastic, and we are extremely grateful to you.

Michaelmas 2017 Week 8 Newsletter (PDF – 943Kb)