Michaelmas 2017 Week 12: 8/12/2017

Michaelmas Term – Week 12

Well, what a week it has been! Final play rehearsals, last minute costume changes, excitement levels running high, a surprise visitor, a Christmas party for the ABC babies and toddlers, a delicious Christmas lunch, the list goes on! I am immensely proud of the children and staff of Monmouth Pre-Prep, with many under the weather from those nasty winter germs, and all feeling a little bit tired as the end of term approaches, we still managed to pull together to present a very professional nativity play, amongst all the other events of the week. I hope you all enjoy the Friends’ Christmas party this weekend, and look forward to a final few days of festive fun next week.

Michaelmas 2017 Week 12 Newsletter (PDF – 878Kb)