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Lent 2020

Lent 2020 Week 3: 24/1/2020

Lent Term – Week 3

There has been a real buzz around the school this week. Despite nature’s best efforts to keep us all wrapped up in the warm earlier in the week, Nursery braved the elements for their walk through town and visit to Monmouth Library whilst the rest of the school welcomed Nick from Touchline Markings. We are so grateful for such a proactive Friends Committee and supportive parent body, thank you all for your continued support.

In our Reception classrooms, children have conducted a survey and used their results to find out the most liked variety of apple. After some rigorous taste testing and colour comparisons, pupils decided that Golden Delicious was the favourite.

Meanwhile, our Year 1 pupils have been celebrating Chinese New Year. There was a beautiful aroma around the school on Monday when all the year group had the opportunity to sample spring rolls, noodles, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. Children followed this up with some outstanding descriptive writing about imaginary dragons.

Lastly, our Year 2 children were treated to a ‘Night at the Movies’ last Friday, where they got the chance to watch Bee Movie. With a story-line focusing on pollination and honey production, this was an ideal opportunity to support current learning. This week, they have looked at food associated with Burns Night and even had the opportunity to try haggis!

Lent 2020 Week 3 Newsletter (PDF – 761kb)