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Lent 2020

Lent 2020 Week 11: 27/3/2020

Lent Term – Week 11

For many of you, this newsletter will mark the end of your first week of remote learning, for others it may be even longer. The events surrounding COVID-19 have pushed us all out of our comfort zones a little and it is important, now more than ever; that we support the mental health and well-being of each other. Reflecting on events within the last seven days, what gives me hope is how often I’ve seen people being supportive, kind and understanding. We’re in uncharted territory but I am certain that I am surrounded by the most amazing team of people – everyone from office staff, support staff, teaching assistants and teachers to our parents and children. The strength of this school community has been really uplifting and heart-warming.

In what has been an emotional and challenging week, I have found happiness and reassurance in the photos and videos that have been sent in this week. I have enjoyed finding out about everyone’s achievements and news. I am determined that we continue to provide opportunities for our children to feel part of a wider community – so please continue to send in your media. Moving forward, I will aim to brief you with the latest information, advice and guidance as I get it. With thanks, as always, for your support and good wishes as we steer our way through this ever-changing landscape.

Lent 2020 Week 11 Newsletter (PDF – 1.3mb)