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Lent 2019

Lent 2019 Week 3: 18/1/2019

Lent Term – Week 3

This week has been one filled with music, drumming and song. Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful African drumming workshop, many of the children were lucky enough to see the African Children’s Choir in action (supported by girls and boys from the Prep. schools) and there are songs from around the word being sung in every corner. I was showing some prospective parents around the school on Wednesday, who came across African dancing, Australian accents and Inuit role play. They wondered whether we might be a school specifically centred on the performing arts. I suggested that they pop back and visit us on another day, when the focus might be on a completely different curriculum area. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Lent 2019 Week 3 Newsletter (PDF – 1Mb)