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Lent 2018

Lent 2018 Week 7: 23/2/2018

Lent Term – Week 7

I have had an unprecedented number of visitors to the treasure chest in my office this week. A number of Year 2 children have brought letters to the European Space Agency to show me, in which they have done an exceptionally good job of selling themselves as astronauts of the future. Year 1 visitors have brought some fabulously imaginative creative writing to share with me; stories set in space and featuring all manner of planetary description, aliens and dramatic conclusions. It was spring on Tuesday afternoon – which allowed Reception to get some gardening jobs done and Year 1 to enjoy an afternoon outdoors. Sadly, it appeared to be winter again by Wednesday which didn’t stop Nursery wrapping up and heading outside for a spot of pancake tossing!

Lent 2018 Week 7 Newsletter (PDF – 629Mb)