Creative Curriculum

Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum designed to provide a broad foundation for future growth, and to equip children with the skills necessary to become confident independent learners. The curriculum is weighted to provide a thorough grounding in the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Other key skills such as investigation, research and problem solving are developed through a wide range of humanities and science based topics. The implementation of an enriching arts programme awakens and nurtures the creative abilities within our children. We draw from the best traditional teaching methods and aim to marry these seamlessly with more recent successful innovations. The use of ICT is promoted in all subject areas as we encourage our children to become successful 21st Century learners.

Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery aims to give each and every child the chance to shine. Our varied curriculum and diverse range of extra-curricular activities allow all of our children to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. Whether they be stars of the sports field, accelerated readers, talented artists, have encyclopaedic general knowledge or are practical problem solvers, the children all have the opportunity to gain the admiration and respect of their peers and staff.