Habsmonmouth Online

Virtual day

We recognise the importance of retaining a sense of familiarity and structure and, during term-time, we will deliver live lessons as part of the existing timetable as much as we can.

Pupils will have online sessions with their tutors and virtual assemblies so the whole school community remains closely connected.

Our teachers will continue to deliver lesson plans, set assignments and work, which they will mark and return to pupils promptly with feedback and suggestions. The schools will continue to have a merit scheme and we suggest that pupils try to create a calm and appropriate environment in which to work, one which is free from distraction and noise.

We are fully aware that not every online platform will be as robust as we would have liked due to the unprecedented levels of web traffic from around the world. We don’t expect all our systems to run smoothly all the time and glitches will happen. But it’s something that our pupils and teachers will be able to overcome together. If the technology grinds to a halt or programmes stop working, pupils will be able to submit their work and send it to their teachers by e-mail or through Teams. The software we are using is robust with built-in parental controls and restrictions, so safeguarding and pastoral care will remain at the centre of our educational offering.

Pupils will need to log-in and check their messages regularly throughout the day. It’s important for students to have a school-life balance and, as part of their wellbeing, we would encourage pupils to have screen breaks and take exercise at lunch and break times.

We are confident that our pupils will be able to embrace an outstanding online education at Monmouth in its broadest sense as we revert to remote learning from 7th January 2021.