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Kevin Shepherd’s 30 second challenges

30 Second Challenge 25 – Plank bounce

‘Plank bounce’ asks you to take a basic plank exercise, make it one handed, then use your spare hand to bounce a ball as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

30 Second Challenge 24 – Balloony keepy uppy….while downy

Lay down and use your body to keep the balloon up. No hands allowed!

30 Second Challenge 23 – Sofa ball lifts

‘Sofa ball lifts’ involves gripping a ball, or any object, between you feet and from a lying position, repeatedly raise the ball on to the sofa and return it to the floor.

30 Second Challenge 22 – Bilateral ping pong

‘Bilateral ping pong’ uses 1 ball and two bats. Bounce the ball alternately on each bat to keep the ball moving and up in the air.

30 Second Challenge 21 – Cricket bat Ollys

‘Cricket bat Ollys’ is quick fire keep-ups with a balancing act too. How many times can you hit the ball up in the air while standing on one leg?

30 Second Challenge 20 – Balloon headers

‘Balloon headers’ means being delicate and controlled to make as many headers as possible in 30 seconds without the balloon floating away.

30 Second Challenge 19 – Back2front

‘Back2front’ here we catch the ball behind our legs and then in front, alternately. Quick hands and a wide stance is a must for this one.

30 Second Challenge 18 – Rugby crossovers…ish

‘Rugby crossovers…ish’ uses low catches and changes your hand positions each time. Quick hands are needed to keep the ball off the floor.

30 Second Challenge 17 – Cup stacking

‘Cup stacking’ is about stacking 10 cups in to a pyramid, taking it all down then repeating again, and again and again…if you can…how many cups can you stack?

30 Second Challenge 16 – Tennis..kind of

‘Tennis..kind of’ is a tricky keep-up challenge, rotating the racquet after each strike so the ball hits the opposite side of the strings each time.

30 Second Challenge 15 – Tick-tock

‘Tick-tock’ needs you to pass a ball quickly from one foot to the the other in a pendulum motion using close control and speedy footwork.

30 Second Challenge 14 – Sofa squats (and a little dance)

‘Sofa squats (and a little dance)’ uses a chair or sofa as a guide for you to lower yourself into a squat and return to standing. No bouncing allowed!

30 Second Challenge 13 – Unlucky rebound catch

‘Unlucky rebound catch’ requires you to throw two balls at the same time and catch the rebounds. Two balls, two hands and a wall!

30 Second Challenge 12 – Rugby ball figure 8

‘Rugby ball figure 8’ moves the ball around and through the legs in a figure 8 pattern as quickly as you can.

30 Second Challenge 11 – Nunchaku

‘Nunchaku’. Make your own as a project or use foam cover nunchaku for safety. Take the time to learn a strike and grab and use both sides of the body to perform as many a you can.

30 Second Challenge 10 – Early morning arm dips

‘Early morning arm dips’…find a chair, grab the edge and lower your bottom ‘almost’ to the floor before pushing yourself back up and repeating as many times as you can.

30 Second Challenge 9 – Stairway suicides

‘Stairway suicides’ involves sprinting up the stairs one at a time and returning to the bottom after each step. How high can you go in 30 seconds?

30 Second Challenge 8 – Penguin chest throws

‘Penguin chest throws’ from the sofa, lay down with a ball or your favourite teddy and aim for the ceiling. Throw, catch and repeat for 30 seconds.

30 Second Challenge 7 – Balloon raises

‘Balloon raises’…find a nice comfortable chair, hold a balloon between your feet, then lift and lower the balloon as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

30 Second Challenge 6 – Have a go at juggling

‘Have a go at juggling’ is getting you ready for the circus by working with 3 balls at the same time, as fast as you can.

30 Second Challenge 5 – Keepy uppy golf

‘Keepy uppy golf’ uses any golf club and ball to make as many strikes as possible in 30 seconds. Just try to keep the ball off the floor.

30 Second Challenge 4 – Just skip it

‘Just skip it’ is exactly as it suggests…grab a rope, set your timer, skip fast.

30 Second Challenge 3 – Front room cone flip

‘Front room cone flip’ lays out coloured cones within a small area to flipped over in sequence. How many can you turn over in 30 seconds?

30 Second Challenge 2 – Solo table tennis

‘Solo table tennis’ is the first 30 second challenge. Using the kitchen table as a surface to play as many table tennis shots as possible against a wall, hopefully consecutively!

30 Second Challenge 1 – Toilet roll keep-ups

Challenge 1 is the original footballing lockdown activity of attempting keep-ups with a toilet roll….fairly unsuccessfully.