Habsmonmouth Online

Pastoral care

Pre-Prep & Preps

  • Every Form tutor will contact their tutor group once a day (from 8.30am).
  • This could be via Seesaw where it is easy to message a whole class at a time.
  • This could be via email using InTouch.
  • This could be via videoconferencing e.g. Teams in Office 365 but we are experimenting with this technology.
  • Form tutors will reach out to individual children as much as possible including via e-mail or one-to-one video sessions.
  • Prep/Pre-Prep leaders will collaborate to produce assemblies. These will be live-streamed, or hosted on a site such as Vimeo, YouTube or Firefly to be downloaded as parents wish.
  • Prep/Pre-Prep leaders can use Seesaw to communicate with all students in a school at the same time, including short video clips.
  • Weekly Podcasts will be uploaded for audio updates.