Habsmonmouth Online

Dynamic teaching and learning online

Senior Schools

  • Our staff have been working carefully to develop our remote learning provision for the Summer term.
  • We will be using Microsoft Teams as the main platform for teaching and learning.
  • Teachers will deliver lessons through Teams, using a wide range of teaching technologies.
  • It is essential that your child continues to work using a clear structure to the day.
  • We advise that whenever possible, your child should access lessons at home using the normal daily timetable.
  • The day starts at 8.30am and teachers will aim to send work by 9am each day.
  • Work will be sent via email or Microsoft Teams. Please do not worry if your son or daughter is unable to complete all the work set. We understand that not all students have access to a device for the entire school day.
  • Your child should contact her subject teacher if they have problems accessing the work.

Year 11 and Year 13 students

We appreciate the difficulties of the situation for students who had been preparing to sit GCSE and A level examinations this summer.
However, students in Year 11 and Year 13 should continue to work on their examination materials, following instructions and advice provided by their teachers.
This is essential so that students are well prepared for any potential exams in the Michaelmas term.
From 1st May (Year 11) and 7th May (Year 13), your child will continue to study the subjects of their choice.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care of your child continues to be as important and indeed perhaps even more important than ever. As a community we will do all we can to continue to provide a caring and nurturing environment, which will be remote only in the physical sense.

The schools will be preparing regular virtual whole school assemblies this term; staff, senior students and headteachers will be preparing assemblies by video in time for their usual slots.

At Monmouth School for Boys, your son’s tutor and housemaster will be maintaining regular contact to offer support with home learning arrangements, and to offer pastoral care.

They will also discuss academic enrichment opportunities as these are particularly important opportunities for Year 11 and Year 13 students.
At Monmouth School for Girls, your daughter’s Head of Year will maintain weekly contact with the year group, and her tutor will contact the tutor group twice a week.  Students should reply to their tutor and Head of Year at all times.

Enrichment opportunities

We have compiled a list of exciting enrichment opportunities. With creative thinking and inspiration, students can turn home learning to their advantage. There are many enrichment courses of outstanding quality, and a number of students have already signed up to learn a new skill. Boarding Our boarding team is supporting our key worker boarding families from across Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools. We appreciate it will feel slightly strange in boarding as we are, of course, a smaller community than usual. However, our Boarding Team, based at Monmouth School for Girls, will make sure that the new boarding experience is as homely as ever.