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Dynamic teaching and learning online

Pre-Prep & Preps

Our online facility for boys and girls aged 3 to 11 is a fully operational, age-appropriate and robust remote-learning package with parental controls a key feature. Children will use a range of different platforms to help reduce the potential problems created by the unprecedented high amount of online traffic from across the world. Due to the remote rural locations and broadband issues of some of our families, we will not be uploading a vast array of video clips and we will be limiting video conferencing whenever possible. We will try to offer a similar experience for pupils and parents, across our Pre-Prep and Preps, including daily learning activities in all subject areas across the curriculum. As in a classroom-based environment, children will be assessed, provided with feedback on their work and their progress logged throughout the Summer term. Each child will receive their full end-of year-report, together with grades and comments in all subjects; and we will continue to communicate with all parents.


We will be using the online Seesaw portfolio as the main platform to deliver the curriculum across our Pre-Prep and Preps during this period of remote learning. Seesaw is easily accessible from a range of devices and can be used by pupils, parents and teachers. It is already being used worldwide as a remote learning platform and we will supply all our pupils with a unique log-in code before the start of the Summer term.

Individual lessons will not be structured or timed, allowing parents the flexibility to pace their children’s work throughout the day and depending on the availability of technology in their homes. Online assessments will be carried out at MGP and MBP as usual. Pupils will sit their assessments at home with parents signing a form to say their child has worked in exam conditions. These assessments will inform End of Year reports. Some pupils will continue to have support lessons provided via Seesaw.

Benefits of Seesaw:

  • The App is called Seesaw Class.
  • Seesaw works on an array of different devices, from desktop PCs to laptops, Macs as well as smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablets (iPad and Kindle Fires).
  • A device with touchscreen technology and a built-in camera will make using Seesaw easier and facilitate more independent learning.
  • A larger screened desktop or laptop will make some activities easier to access.
  • Children can remain logged-on to Seesaw on a variety of devices at the same time.
  • Seesaw is very intuitive, and it is designed for younger children to use independently.
  • Easy for children to receive personalised feedback from their teachers.
  • The children’s work will be assessed (marked) and returned electronically.
  • Pupils and parents will receive messages on a one-to-one, whole class, or whole school, basis.
  • Children will still able to complete tasks using paper and pencil in the event of a technology disruption and then upload the work at a later time or date.
  • Teachers will provide daily activities broadly in line with the regular timetable.
  • For children in Years 3 to 6, we will continue to us MyMaths and iHub for Maths and English. These offer learning activities, online lessons and feedback, assessment and tracking tools.
  • We will still use Seesaw on a daily basis to point pupils to MyMaths and iHub activities in a focused and targeted way.

Other platforms:

We will continue to use a range of other communication methods and platforms:

  • Firefly (storage area for additional remote-learning resources).
  • Office 365 (a full suite of Microsoft Office Products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams).
  • Office 365 download (You can download Office 365 software on to your home devices).
  • Webmail (school email address for emailing members of staff).
  • In Touch/School Post.
  • School website.
  • School Twitter feed.
  • School YouTube channel/Vimeo.

Office 365 Teams:

This is a facility which allows groups to communicate with each other. It offers file sharing, text chat and videoconferencing. It is a secure and safe site which will be used for some whole class interaction. Every class has a Team set-up by the form tutor. Some teachers might use it for morning registrations, while some teachers may use it for supporting lessons. Teams will be used for individual lessons, such as Learning Support and individual music tuition.

Please do make sure that your child is able to use their @habsmonmouth.org email address to log-in to the resources, as well as using Seesaw. If your child is unable to log-in, please email helpdesk@habsmonmouth.org to request a password reset.


We will be using iHub to support your child’s learning in English.

Reading Pro:

The Boys’ Prep will be introducing Reading Pro, a facility which allows pupils to access e-reading materials for free and encourages children to read, even if they cannot get to a library. Please record all reading in the planner, upload audio files of reading to Seesaw and/or pop a comment on the journal to let the teachers know that your child is reading regularly.

Reading materials:

We can recommend these facilities which give children access to e-reading materials for free and encourages them to read:

Book Trust

Supporting children in reading activities through Seesaw:
Mr P ICT (Video link)


We will be continuing to use MyMaths as an additional resource to support your child’s learning in Maths.


Pre-Prep form teachers will continue to use Abacus to set Abacus Maths tasks and homework for children.

Purple Mash:

The Pre-Prep will continue to use Purple Mash as an additional resource to support your child’s learning in ICT with weekly tasks set using this platform.


The main form of communication will be between teachers and children via Seesaw.

Teachers may email pupils but only by using the @habsmonmouth.org email address.

It is not appropriate for pupils to email teachers using any other email account. All emails from children to teachers must be professional and respectful. We request that children  write formal emails written in full sentences, properly punctuated. They must start with Dear (teacher’s name) and signed-off appropriately at the end. Parents will be able to communicate directly with teachers.

Please be aware that due to the temporary school closures, the Pre-Prep and Preps buildings are currently shut and we do not have any administrative support. Please do not telephone the schools.

If you need to contact the schools for online learning, please email:

Pastoral or general enquiries – your child’s form tutor.

Academic enquiries – your child’s subject teacher.

All other enquiries:

Pre-Prep – wren.matt@habsmonmouth.org

Boys’ Prep – shaw.neil@habsmonmouth.org

Girls’ Prep – phillips.jennie@habsmonmouth.org