Habsmonmouth Online

Dynamic teaching and learning online

Assessment and Feedback

Our students will be assessed, encouraged and challenged as they would in a traditional classroom-based environment.

Habsmonmouth Online will, of course, provide extra flexibility for learning and teaching, but the drive for excellence remains the same. We recognise that pupils might be anxious over streaming information as some families share computers and bandwidth.  This will not be a barrier for our pupils or staff; we will make sure the overall experience is stress-free and positive.

Our staff will be on hand to offer as much support as they can, with teachers setting tasks with more focused content based around live interactions.

Pupils will be assessed in different ways, depending on the nature of the subject.

Pupils will receive prompt and constructive feedback on their work, with teachers continuing to award merits.

The importance of our pastoral care will remain as high as ever with parents or guardians notified if a child’s academic work becomes a cause for any concern.