Habsmonmouth Online

Dynamic teaching and learning online

Our core values and focused academic teaching at Monmouth remain at the heart of everything we deliver as part of our Online Schools programme.

Each member of staff adapted quickly and positively to the challenges of remote learning between April and July 2020 and they will continue to embrace the opportunities this will provide from Thursday 7th January 2021.

At Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools, we have a wonderful sense of community and we are energised as we return to delivering our outstanding teaching and learning online.

The next three-week review of the regulations is being carried out by the Welsh Government on Friday 29th January and, unless there has been a “significant” drop in cases of coronavirus in the country, pupils will learn online until at least February half-term.

To maintain a familiar framework and a sense of being at school, our current timetable will continue throughout the Lent Term.

Teaching staff will be delivering their subjects through a portfolio of software packages, including Office 365, Teams and, for our younger children, Seesaw.

For our senior pupils, all lessons will be delivered live via Teams with staff  available and contactable during the whole lesson or double lesson to answer queries.

For our Pre-Prep and Preps, much of the learning will be carried out through live lessons via Teams as well as activities provided through Seesaw. Feedback and responses will be immediate and pupils’ progress will be assessed within lesson time.

Pupils and parents will have guidance and support on how to use the packages, with parental controls a key feature.

Keeping safe when working online

Please see our document Guidance for parents on online safety to ensure that you remain safe while using the various online services listed below.