Life in the freezer (or Antarctica)

January 28, 2015

Life in the freezer 1Year 5 were visited by Mr and Mrs Morgan on Thursday, to talk about life in the freezer (or Antarctica). The girls were inspired by their visitors who talked about their experiences both living and working in such extreme conditions, as well as throwing the odd photograph of a penguin in for the girls to melt over!

Both classes found out about how much planning and preparation goes into such a trip, and how difficult it is to carry out the most simple of tasks, such as going to the loo and cooking a meal! Above all, the girls relished the chance to learn about how animals, such as penguins, have adapted to such cold temperatures and conditions. The girls were clearly inspired by the presentation and now look forward to studying our new topic on the polar climates, with a view to completing a project at the end of term.