Languages Market welcomes all!

March 30, 2017

Sixty 10-11 year old pupils from six Monmouthshire schools gathered in Monmouth School on Tuesday 28th March for a morning of languages in the Blake Theatre.

They took part in an array of activities based around three markets (French, Spanish and German). All children both shopped and traded in the three languages. They used and developed many skills while interacting, like teamwork, communication or problem-solving, but most importantly, they had a lot of fun!

Not daunted by juggling with all those new languages, our young polyglots relished the idea of learning some Russian as well, and threw themselves into the last activity with the same infectious enthusiasm which they had displayed all morning.

A big thank you to our future linguists from King Henry, Over Monnow, HMSG, The Grange,  MCS and MS for making the event such a success.