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School Policies

PDF_Med Admissions Policy (PDF – 374kB)
PDF_Med Anti Bullying Policy (PDF – 209kB)
PDF_Med Curriculum Policy (PDF – 433kB)
PDF_Med Data Protection Policy (PDF – 368kB)
PDF_Med English as an Additional Language Policy (PDF – 215kB)
PDF_Med Guardianship Policy and Agreement (PDF – 173kB)
PDF_Med Health and Safety Policy (PDF – 483kB)
PDF_Med Learning Support Policy (PDF – 312kB)
PDF icon Parental Complaints Policy (PDF – 513kB)
PDF icon Pastoral Policy (PDF – 292kB)
PDF icon Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (PDF – 638kB)
PDF icon Safeguarding Policy Addendum (PDF – 117kB)
March 2020

All other policies are available to current parents via Reception.