Imaginations sparked at Agincourt’s pop-up book café

February 3, 2015

Children and parents alike got swept up in the magic of reading at a pop-up book café in the run-up to World Book Day.

Teachers, mums and dads volunteered to run the event and read to pupils at Agincourt School and Nursery in Monmouth on Monday (February 2).

Delicious cakes baked by the children were on offer as each class took it in turns to share some stories, a drink and a treat.

The event marked the start of Agincourt’s Festival of Literacy, which runs all week before World Book Day on March 5.

Other activities will include a class assembly celebrating the books of Julia Donaldson and a visit from storyteller Paul Gibbins.

Jennie Phillips, Head of Agincourt, said: “The aim was for the children to have some quality time to enjoy and discuss a story with an adult.

“The children had a large range of new and interesting books to choose from.

“We were also keen to involve the parents in this initiative, and they all did an excellent job.

“Everybody had a lovely time.”