IAPS Gymnastics Success

March 9, 2015

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The U13 and O13 girls competed at the Girls’ Independent Schools Gymnastics National Finals on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March held at Kent College. The U13 team consisted of Sky, Charlotte, Eliza, Maeve and Scarlett. The girls were consistent throughout the whole competition but really shone on the two floor pieces with three girls scoring over 9.1 on set floor and Sky scoring 9.6 on voluntary floor. Sky’s score was the 3rd highest in Britain for the U13 competition! The U13’s finished in 11th place overall and in 8th in the group sequence missing out on the medals by 0.75. The O13’s had a good day and valued the experience of competing against England International gymnasts and many who are in British Squads. They finished in 14th place in the team event and in the group sequence. Kia led the team well utilising her experience to help guide Megan, Honey and Erin through their routines.

A fantastic result by all gymnasts; next year we will be aiming to achieve the trophy for the biggest improvement which is well within our reach.

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