HMSGRC Seville 2015

April 22, 2015

On the night of Tuesday 7th April 2015, HMSGRC went on their annual training camp over the Easter break to Seville, Spain.  From the Junior 15 squad up to the Junior 18 squad, the club travelled overnight, arriving in a not-so-sunny Seville on Wednesday morning.  Although the weather varied between sun shine, showers and thunderstorms throughout the week, the general consensus from the club has been that this year’s training camp has been one of the best yet!

In usual fashion, the girls had three sessions a day – two on the water and one on land.  Crews changed between fours and eights throughout the week with some “fun” sessions in the single sculls for the Junior 15 squad.  The senior squad demonstrated their fitness, determination and team work to a very high level on a daily basis on the water and would be met with a much needed stretching and yoga session in the middle of the day before a final and gruelling session back on the water.  With summer racing in their sights, the older girls were excellent role models for the younger squads.  Their evening timed pieces were improving every day after having a mentally tough technical session early morning.  The Junior 15 squad had an equally successful trip and thoroughly enjoyed their first training camp.  They followed the same programme as the seniors and showed dramatic improvement in their water skills from the first day.  Demonstrating excellent levels of concentration, the girls put 100% into every outing.  The younger squad have learned a great deal of skills, including how to row as a crew, how to push themselves on the ergo and keeping themselves up right in a single scull – even though some of them may not have mastered the latter yet!

Half way through the week, the girls were put to the ultimate test – a 2k ergo – but had an afternoon in the city of Seville to look forward to.  The squad earned their afternoon off and to have a change of scenery; seeing the beautiful sites, learn about Spanish culture and to have a change from their training kit.

Over the week, the girls have completed between 80-100k and everyone should be commended for their efforts during training and behaviour throughout.  The club have come away with great enthusiasm and excitement for summer racing next month. Bring it on!