HMSG girls shine at University of South Wales Engineering Olympics

June 25, 2015

STEM Club members have been preparing for the inaugural Engineering Olympics competition over recent weeks and today enjoyed an excellent day out to the University of South Wales to test their inventions against other schools.  The organizers commented several times during the day on how pleased they were to see an all-girls school taking part.

SWECwIn the ‘Egg high jump’ competition Francesca, Joey and Samantha had to launch their raw chicken egg as high into the air as possible and make it land unbroken within a concrete area of 4 x 3 metres.  Their simple catapult design and inventive protection of the egg using polystyrene ‘packing peanuts’ ensured that they won first prize.

In the straw bridge-building event six girls took part.  Their task was to make a bridge that spans a gap of 35cm and holds the greatest load, which consisted of a bucket filled with more and more sand. Maria, Gloria, Minnie and Amy made a stylish arch, not dissimilar to Sidney Harbour Bridge, which won a prize for ‘Best engineered bridge’.

After the competitions the girls all enjoyed a tour of the aeronautical department, including climbing aboard a 15 seater propeller aircraft.