HABS FEST: A nostalgic celebration to mark 132 Years of Haberdashers’ Monmouth Girls School.

July 5, 2024


Saturday evening saw the return of almost 500 alumnae and former staff from Monmouth School for Girls gather to celebrate 132 years of cherished memories and nostalgia. The event, aptly named HABS FEST, was filled with joyful reunions, shared memories, and a deep appreciation for the school’s legacy 

The evening began with welcome drinks and registration, where each Old Girl was warmly greeted and had her House colours pinned on by the current Head of House. This thoughtful gesture set the tone for the night.

The Old Girls themselves provided the entertainment, showcasing their talents as they took to the stage, entertaining their peers with heartfelt performances and embodying the spirit and camaraderie that has defined Monmouth School for Girls for over a century Musical performances by the Old Girls struck a chord with the audience, while the tribute by the D4Motion dancers and the flash mob on the lower terrace brought an electrifying energy to the event. 

Every detail of HABS FEST was meticulously planned, from handmade bows in House colours, to the House-colour memory flags where Old Girls penned down their cherished memories for the memory board. The DugOut bar added a special touch with cocktails themed around the House colours.  

One of the most touching elements was the handstitched and dyed metres of fabric bunting in shades of pink and maroon to represent the pink and maroon years of the school. Commemorative teddies with specially commissioned knitted jumpers were available for purchase at the event. Dressed in maroon and navy/pink jumpers, these keepsakes are still available to order, ensuring everyone can have a piece of this special celebration. 

The school grounds were awash with colour, with hand-planted urns and hanging baskets, lovingly grown by Judith Jefferies, complemented by stunning flower displays curated by Caroline Bown. In the PAC Recital Hall, an archive collection of memorabilia, including old uniforms and photographs, provided a journey through time, allowing attendees to relive the school’s rich history.

Jayne Morris, a beloved Maths teacher and Head of Imbert Terry house, was the driving force behind the celebration. “My little idea of a ‘get together to celebrate the last 132 years’ was transformed to the power of 100, by my fellow ‘Tredegar Girl’ Rhyan. She is incredible. Without her attention to detail, constant nagging, and endless hours of hard work, it would not have happened. To Judith and Sarah, who came on the journey with us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The fab four did a good job.” 

Rhyan Parry, Rhyan Parry, teacher of over 28 years and former Head of PE & Head of Dance, echoed these sentiments. “Thank you so much to everyone who contributed in any way to HABS FEST. Every detail was an important component in achieving that WOW factor. In the words of Miss Luckes: The atmosphere was electric, the discipline to achieve such a feat was off the scale, but truly heartwarming to witness the life it brought to HMSG on Saturday night.” 

The event culminated in a powerful moment as everyone stood up to sing the St Catherine’s Day hymn and the Latin chant; their voices united in a harmonious celebration of a school that has shaped their lives in immeasurable ways. 

For more information on the Monmouth Old Girls Association, please contact: development@habsmonouth.org