Haberdashers’ Monmouth Teachers visit World Foreign Language School in Shanghai

April 21, 2024

K. Lewis, Head of Year 12 and Teacher of Food and Nutrition, S. Chowns, MFL Coordinator and S. Mone, Teacher of Art, travelled to Shanghai last term to visit the World Foreign Language School.

The entire school were incredibly welcoming to our teachers, who had an incredibly busy and immersive visit to the school, teaching students, ‘meeting and greeting’, baking, creating textiles and preparing an exhibition.

S. Chowns, MFL Coordinator, took the opportunity to teach the children some English, French and a little Welsh.

K. Lewis, Teacher of Food and Nutrition, taught a class of 80 boys how to make pancakes, scones, pizzas and bread. They loved learning about the food science and sampling the baked goods! “Over 1000 pancakes were flipped, 500 scones freshly baked, and 88 pizzas hand stretched”, K. Lewis wrote back to us!

S. Mone, Teacher of Art, held a textiles workshop where girls tried their hand at crafting spring flowers and collaborative pieces. They enjoyed learning about embroidery, pattern cutting, appliqué and beading.

The trip was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the links already created between our schools, to meet the children involved in a pen pal project set up by S. Chowns, and to catch up with the students who visited Monmouth earlier in the year, seeing them in their own environment.

S. Chowns said: “This was a trip of a lifetime with so many new experiences and many memories to treasure. Everyone at the school was so welcoming and generous.”