Haberdashers’ Monmouth School Joint Host Political Husting

June 14, 2024

Yesterday, Haberdashers’ Monmouth School joint hosted a political husting, with Monmouth Comprehensive, bringing together the major parties, plus some independent candidates, who will be competing to be the next MP in Monmouthshire.

The panel consisted of Ioan Bellin (Plaid Cymru), Ian Chandler (Green Party), David Davies (Conservative), June Davies (True and Fair Party), Catherine Fookes (Labour), Owen Lewis (independent) and William Powell (Liberal Democrats). The panel was Chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy of HMS and Monmouth Comprehensive, consecutively.

With three weeks to go before the General Election, the panel gave short manifesto speeches before taking questions from the floor, which consisted of students and adults from Monmouth. Questions ranged from what the parties will do to deal with the illegal immigration crisis to what their stances on women’s rights are and maintaining safe spaces for women.  There was also lively debate about sustainability and pollution in the River Wye, with strong commitments from all sides to clean up the river and deal with the wider issues of preventing sewage being dumped in our waterways.

The event was highly successful and engaging. In the words of HMS Headmaster, Simon Dorman, “It was a fantastic demonstration of how to debate and disagree politely.” Many thanks to Monmouth Comprehensive for allowing the event to take place in their school.