Haberdashers’ Monmouth School Host an Engaging Round of the Team Maths Challenge

June 12, 2024

On Thursday 6th June, we hosted a round of the Team Maths Challenge. Following a pause due to Covid, the UK Maths Trust revived the competition this year. We were thrilled to be selected as one of the host schools among the 20 chosen nationwide.

20 schools brought teams of four Year 8 and 9 pupils to compete across four rounds. The day started with all four team members working on a set of problems against the clock. Teams then split into pairs for a crossnumber, with each pair either having the down clues or the across clues, together having to fill in the complete solution. The penultimate round was a shuttle where answers were passed between the pairs, with each question dependent on the answer to the previous. The competition rounded off with a relay, where the pairs worked through questions, racing to get the answers checked before taking the next question to the other pair in a different part of the hall.

Teams from as far away as Solihull made the trip to compete and the eventual winners were from Cheltenham College. It was fantastic to see so many young mathematicians having the opportunity to take part in this competition and enjoying putting their skills to the test in a very different setting to their normal maths lessons. We hope that the senior team maths challenge will start up soon and we look forward to hosting future events like this at the school.