Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School Hosts 9th Annual Science Fair 2024

May 20, 2024

Earlier this month, Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School, along with six local primary schools, hosted the 9th Annual Science Fair. The event, held in the Main Hall, saw 135 young scientists presenting their innovative projects and demonstrating their boundless enthusiasm to a panel of Science Fair judges.

Dr. S. Wall, Head of Prep Science, expressed immense pride in the participants, stating, “The children worked incredibly hard on their projects and have done an amazing job planning, conducting, and presenting their experiments. The high standard of research at the science fair never fails to amaze me, and it seems to improve year after year. It was fantastic to see so many teams conducting experiments on the day, allowing visitors and judges to engage directly with the research. Recognising the children’s hard work is wonderful, and I am already looking forward to our tenth anniversary next year, which promises even greater participation from local primary schools. I am pleased to announce that a couple of new schools have already signed up.”

A huge congratulations to Overmonnow Primary School who won the Science Fair this year!

A team of winning young scientists from Overmonnow Primary School with their experiment “Do different flavours of ice cream affect melting speeds?”

A very impressive 2nd place was awarded to Usk CiW Primary School, and 3rd place went to Raglan CiW VC School.

2nd place went to Usk Primary School with “What liquids are best for preserving fruit?”


3rd place, Raglan Primary School with “Which vegetable has the most energy?”

Two teams from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School were highly commended.

The event featured 35 diverse projects, showcasing the creativity and scientific curiosity of the students. Some of the intriguing experiments included:

Which natural fertilizer grows the biggest radish?

Do all liquids abide by Newton’s law of viscosity?

Can a citrus fruit replace a battery?

Are all fingerprints the same?

Does sight affect taste?

The 9th Annual Science Fair was a resounding success, celebrating the students’ hard work and inspiring a love for science in the young participants.


Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School Science Fair historical winners:

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2020 (online) – Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School for Boys

2021 (online) – Osbaston CiW School

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2024 – Overmonnow Primary School