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Year 6: A look back at our last year in Inglefield House

July 6th, 2015

A look back - Summer 2015

In the beginning of Year 6 we had the amazing French Trip! This was a fantastic experience to begin the school year and we will never forget the memories we had there, such as having Mrs Phillips attacked with a water balloon or the fantastic mud assault course.

Next up was the Christingle which is always full of life and excitement. Then the African Children’s Choir which took a lot of rehearsing to perfect the songs, but it was definitely worthwhile and we had so much fun in St. David’s hall in Cardiff.

Next up was of course our favourite; the Entrance Exam! But then it was all worthwhile as we had two amazing weeks of no Maths or English homework as a reward for all of our incredible hard work.

We were soon back in to our usual hard-working mode and next up were the thorough preparations for the Inglefield House Eisteddfod, which is always a highlight of the year when all houses compete against each other in events such as dance, music, story writing, art.

Then 6R’s amazing teacher, Mrs Rees, went on maternity leave and we are all so excited to meet her new son! Very soon after that we went to see the Queen at the presentation of the new Colours to the Royal Welsh Regiment in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium. This was an amazing experience for us, as most of us had never seen the Queen in person before. Head girl, Eliza, was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to hand a bouquet to the Queen herself. All this going on between the busy rehearsals for Shakespeare Rocks, our school play, which was performed with talent and aplomb to a sold-out theatre on Wednesday night.

Not long after we had sports day, which was sadly Mrs Edmunds’ last sports day. It was a great day, full of drama and excitement, but in the back of our minds we were thinking about it being both ours’ and Mrs Edmunds’ last Inglefield Sports Day.

After a couple of weeks of lots of brilliant rehearsing we had the real live Shakespeare Rocks, which showed off all our hard work. It was a fantastic play which we will never forget. It was also a lovely way to almost end off a brilliant final year in Inglefield House!

We will really miss Inglefield but have a great deal to look forward to in our senior schools and, of course, the last action-packed week in Inglefield.

By Eliza C and Bea N

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