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Year 5 are mixing art with nature

November 12th, 2015

Art and Nature

Recently Year 5 has been studying Andrew Goldsworthy who is a famous land artist. The girls were so inspired they did some work of their own. They went out and made tree mobiles and ice art using only atural materials. Each creation was totally original and brilliant in its own way. “The hardest bit,” said Scarlett, “was to get our mobiles to hang from the tree as we were only allowed to use natural materials.” The ice sculptures were equally stunning with frozen pebbles, petals and leaves. There were a variety of different shapes and sizes but each one was detailed and thought through right down to each little leaf. Alys said, “I really enjoyed this work although we had a couple of problems along the way but we learned that team work worked best!”

By Nell, Year 5

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