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Very visual vegi-gami competition!

November 18th, 2015

Vegi-GamiThis week we had more than one very special competition. To enter you had to construct an animal out of fruit and vegetables and make a donation to Children in Need.

Everybody who entered showed some amazing creative ability, with animals ranging from the smallest ant, to the biggest elephant!

Our overall winner was Rhian! She made two collie dogs out of broccoli and cauliflower. Our runners up were Connie Humphries who also made a dog out of broccoli, Bethan who made an impressive 3D Pudsey and Lilly from Year 5 who made a radish ant. Everybody enjoyed themselves enormously and we would love to do this again. Miss Pledger told the Inglefield House Bulletin: “This was a fantastic event, I’m so impressed with all of the girls’ effort. By Friday afternoon we had already raised around £174 for Children in Need!

Due to the huge success, next year we plan on having an auction for the cakes at the end to raise even more money. I know the teachers were particularly keen to buy some of items!”

Ant  Pudsey

By Amelia (Editor), Year 6

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