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The Vikings invade Inglefield House

November 23rd, 2015

Viking InvasionYear 4 stepped into a time machine on Tuesday as they came to school dressed as Vikings!

They enjoyed wonderful activities, including a battle re-enactment of the Battle of Stamford Bridge! They listened to fascinating talks about Vikings and now know everything there is to know about the invaders.

“My favourite bit about Viking Day was when the Viking showed us how they used to repair broken fingers. They got a big metal tool and chopped them off!” Isobel in Year 4 said.

“I really liked the bit when Isobel was the Vikings’ most fearsome warrior, but she was eventually killed off in the battle!” Megan added.

“We learnt the whole story of Stamford Bridge, it was really fun,” said Niamh.

Year 3 cannot wait for their turn next year and everybody had a wonderful time. All of their costumes were magnificent. Year 4 are now officially Vikings in training!

By Amelia (Editor), Year 6

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