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Tackling leftovers proves food for thought

May 10th, 2019

Children at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep are keeping a close eye on their lunch-time leftovers.

The girls are weighing their waste food in the dining hall once a week.

As part of their Field to Fork topic, the children are tackling food waste and seeing how much is left on their plate after lunch.

At the launch, Deputy Head, Mr Tom Evans, dressed up as Super Zero Hero as each year group took responsibility for weighing their own lunch waste, making calculations and keeping an accurate record.

Headmistress, Mrs Hilary Phillips, said: “Life is all about making good decisions and by focusing on food waste we are exploring the implications of our choices in a very real way.

“We are looking at the journey food has made from origin to our plate and asking our pupils to consider the costs-production, transportation, processing and probably most importantly, the cost to our planet.”

Mrs Phillips added: “By picking one day a week at random to weigh our leftovers, we hope to encourage pupils to make good decisions on a regular basis unprompted by anything other than their own conscience.”

The results should prove food for thought for the children over the coming weeks.

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