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Smoothie success for sporty leaders

November 29th, 2017

Members of the ruling party at a Monmouth primary school have kept their election pledge to promote health and fitness inside and outside the classroom.

Pupils at Monmouth Schools Girls’ Prep formed their own political parties earlier this year and voted in an election to appoint a winning group.

Now the sporty NRG members, whose slogan was ‘Vote for a better, healthy life’, are fulfilling their promises and raising money for a good cause.

With help from Mr Wren, a teacher at Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery, the democratically-elected party has put together a bicycle-powered smoothie maker.

As well as promoting the benefits of health and exercise, the girls are selling the smoothies to help Uganda’s Town View Primary School raise funds for a new playground.

Pupil Niamh, 10, a member of NRG, said: “Putting the bike together was very good fun but it was quite hard work.

“We are trying to encourage people to be healthy by having fun and keeping fit at the same time.

“That’s why we thought that a bike blender would be a good idea to construct because keeping fit and healthy is what our party is all about.”

Another member of NRG, Daisy, 11, said: “We are charging people to have a ride on the bike and then selling the smoothies to raise money for a school in Uganda which cannot afford a playground.”

Headmistress at Monmouth Schools Girls’ Prep, Mrs Phillips, said: “Just like with a real political party, the work doesn’t stop after the election has been won.

“The NRG girls, who were elected by the other children, are now making good on their promises.”

Mrs Phillips added: “The idea stemmed from a 40-minute lesson earlier this year about the general election and how Parliament worked.

“We wanted to show the girls how a democratic government works on a scale they could recognise. The girls have started to realise that they can have an influence and change things in a positive way.”

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