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Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Week 8: 15/6/2020 – Sports Day Special Edition

Summer Term – Week 8 – Sports Day Special Edition

A huge thank you to Miss Sanderson for organising our first virtual Sports Day on Friday. All of the hard work she had put into preparation paid off and, despite a mad half an hour where she furiously collated the score ahead of the live announcement, everything ran exceptionally smoothly. Thank you all for helping the girls with their timing and measuring at home, and congratulations to everyone who took part and won points for their house. the final results were: In first place, Prosser, Imbert Terry were a close second, with Bagnall Oakeley on their heels. Fourth place this year for Mather Jackson, who were also only a matter of a few points behind, but as Brianna (Year 5) said, “It is all about having fun and taking part so I don’t really mind if we win or not!”. Very well done, all!

Summer 2020 Week 8 Sports Day Newsletter (PDF – 2.2MB)