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Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Week 4: 17/5/2019

Summer Term – Week 4

I spent the first part of the week with Year 4 in Llansteffan learning about coastal ecology. Part of this learning took a very interesting form – we got to see inside a jellyfish! There were many washed up on the beach and Chris, our group leader, was not afraid to get his hands dirty and dissect a fairly fresh specimen. We didn’t appreciate the smell, but seeing the lungs was extremely interesting. Apart from new knowledge like this, the girls also got to know themselves better and learnt how to become more independent. We were all impressed by the way the girls handled fresh challenges and learned to understand and deal with homesickness. They also learnt such vital skills as tidying their rooms, clearing the table and keeping track of their belongings! We are in the final run up to our show now, so I do hope you have secured tickets and ordered a DVD if you’d like a souvenir. Can’t wait to see it!

Summer 2019 Week 4 Newsletter (PDF – 815Kb)