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Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Week 6: 8/6/2018

Summer Term – Week 6

Astonishing! Wonderful! Miraculous! These are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when thinking back over the events of this week. So much has happened this week as you will see from the articles below but, in addition to the usual sort of event, we have witnessed the miracle of chicks hatching. This has been a project with an element of danger – will the eggs hatch? Will the chicks be healthy? Will we have to support the girls as they learn valuable life, or death lessons? We have been very fortunate with 5 out of 7 eggs successfully hatching. The last to hatch is a little weak and will need some tlc but there’ll be no shortage of that available. The others are starting to show their characters. You may laugh at the idea of character in a chicken but I can assure you that it most definitely exists and is starting to manifest itself already. I think their names will develop as we see how they act and we will chose as a school. We have learnt a huge amount about the life cycle of these chicks in their eggs and although it is obviously a scientific process, there is more than a hint of magic, of alchemy and a very interesting way of following the theme of this term; what lies beneath. Do drop in and see our new “pupils” – it can’t fail to raise a smile!

Summer 2018 Week 6 Newsletter (PDF – 730Kb)