Summer 2017 Week 6: 9/6/2017

Summer Term – Week 6

The clickety clack of tap shoes, girls staring into space muttering lines, abandoned socks in the corridor, feverish sewing in the art area and scattered sequins everywhere. Yes, it can only mean one thing; showtime! The excitement is mounting as we approach show week and the rehearsals I have caught so far hint that it’s going to be another fabulous production. Every girl in the school is involved providing a logistical challenge for staff; 151 pupils onto the stage in 2 minutes? Easy! Well, it’s not easy but the staff involved and the pupils themselves will make it look like it was! Academic life still continues and Year 5 are very busy with their election campaigns. The Conservatives may have just clung on in Westminster, but it’s all to play for with our Inglefield Election on the 28th June. Watch out for leaflets coming your way.

Year 6 too are very busy with their Apprentice-style project. Some great ideas which I think would succeed in Dragons’ Den! Look out for their products on Charities Morning.

Summer 2017 Week 6 Newsletter (PDF – 853Kb)