Summer 2017 Week 4: 19/5/2017

Summer Term – Week 4

And breathe….. What an action packed week! Rain didn’t stop play on Monday when Prep III came to join the Year 5 girls in a whirlwind of maths activities, both indoors and out. The level of maths was high and the levels of energy of the girls and boys matched it. They worked well together and I would like to thank Mrs Ridyard and Mr Ahmad for their hard work in organising the morning. It was an excellent example of how collaboration can enrich an experience for the children, as the pupils brought their different skills and ways of looking at problems, which they have nurtured in a single sex environment, together. Added to the mix were four Year 10 girls, Ellie, Esme, Eva and Holly, and I am very grateful to them for their time and efforts. They worked well with the younger children and I know they too enjoyed the experience. Joint Chapel for Years 5 and 6 followed the next day and Father Clifford had organised an inspiring group of young people who had just returned from six months voluntary work in Uganda. Coincidentally, the African Children’s Choir is from Uganda this year; I wonder if they will know the handshake taught to the girls and boys? If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, please do so. I heard Year 3 and 4 rehearsing today and they sounded amazing. Bring your tissues! Year 6 girls were inspiring yesterday in the 125 alumni service in London. An early start, a long journey in heavy traffic, a rush into the church with no time to rehearse or warm up (although I must say that their voices were well warmed up as they sang all the way on the coach – Mrs Milledge made good use of her earplugs – I’m not sure Ciao Adios is quite her thing) and they still wowed the congregation. A highlight for me was a joyful Jubilate with the girls dancing with the Master of the Haberdashers’, the Chairman of Governors of HMSG and alumni of all ages. Not something you see every day. When the service finished, we spilled out into the Guildhall courtyard for a flash mob – do check it out on Twitter – just an explosion of fun and happiness! The week finished with a swimming gala; well done Miss Sanderson – another event under your belt and a hugely successful one too! My thanks to all the staff who work so hard to create amazing experiences for the girls and to the girls themselves for their huge appreciation and commitment to everything that is on offer. Good luck to our trampolinists and the Aquathlon competitors this weekend!

Summer 2017 Week 4 Newsletter (PDF – 1Mb)