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Michaelmas 2019

Michaelmas 2019 Week 6: 11/10/2019

Michaelmas Term – Week 6

This week has seen schools and workplaces across the UK putting a focus on metal health awareness. Both the physical and mental wellbeing of our girls is extremely important to us, and much of what we offer at the Girls’ Prep is centred around our wish to build resilience within our girls. I was fortunate to be invited to join Year 8 for an excellent workshop promoting good mental health, delivered by counsellors Sarah Rogers and Erica Pavord, on Thursday. I look forward to sharing their thoughts and ideas with the Year 6 girls in their C4L sessions next week. Year 5 were delighted to welcome our Year 2 children to Inglefield House on Wednesday, for a morning of mathematical fun and an excellent lunch! I have very much enjoyed working closely with Mr Wren and Mr Shaw this term, and watching the children benefit from the increased collaboration between the schools.

Michaelmas 2019 Week 6 Newsletter (PDF – 896kb)