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Michaelmas 2019

Michaelmas 2019 Week 4: 27/9/2019

Michaelmas Term – Week 4

I was delighted to join Mr Shaw and our fellow IAPS Heads for the annual conference in London on Thursday. There were some excellent and informative speakers and it was time well spent. Back at base camp, the girls have been busy creating, performing, demonstrating and presenting their findings with their usual confidence and enthusiasm. Year 4 have been getting to grips with Romeo and Juliet, as well as enjoying a great day out at Craig-y-Nos, Year 6 have been preparing for battle, but the big highlight of the week was the discovery by Dr Murcott’s pond crew that we now have frogs, newts and dragonfly larvae in the pond! If you spot Dr Murcott on your travels, do ask him to tell you all about it, he will be only to happy to share all the scientific details…

Michaelmas 2019 Week 4 Newsletter (PDF – 787kb)