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Michaelmas 2019

Michaelmas 2019 Week 3: 20/9/2019

Michaelmas Term – Week 3

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our ‘Welcome, Wine and Wisdom’ evening and I hope that you felt that the evening was useful. We were delighted to offer you the opportunity to meet the staff and your fellow parents, and share a glass of wine and a canape or two with us. I have an unwritten rule that three pages of bulletin is plenty, and extending it beyond that leads to a loss of readers and a reduction in overall quality. Unfortunately shoehorning the photographs from all of the fabulous activities that have been going on this week into three pages was a physical impossibility, so I ask you to stay with us all the way through to those important calendar dates at the end of page four. I hope that you will agree that it was worth it!

Michaelmas 2019 Week 3 Newsletter (PDF – 1.1mb)