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Michaelmas 2019

Michaelmas 2019 Week 2: 13/9/2019

Michaelmas Term – Week 2

The school has been unusually quiet this week, with our Year 6 girls away enjoying a range of fantastic experiences and activities in France. The rest of the school have been busy too, with ‘Wow’ starts to the new topic in their humanities lessons, clubs and activities underway and new girls feeling less new by the minute. As a new recruit myself, I am slightly overwhelmed by the huge variety of experiences on offer to the girls here. Every spare minute of the day seem to be filled with school work, sport, creative arts and opportunities to explore new activities. The girls are so busy and fulfilled, and I have a whole new appreciation of the amount of ground that they cover in a day. I do hope that they all have the opportunity to enjoy a little down-time over the weekend!

Michaelmas 2019 Week 2 Newsletter (PDF – 781kb)