Michaelmas 2017 Week 10: 24/11/2017

Michaelmas Term – Week 10

It’s been a very smooth week, or perhaps I should say a very smoothie week! NRG, the party currently in power, launched their smoothie project on Friday. It was hugely successful with bespoke smoothies and fruit pots on order and it was an excellent opportunity to learn about customer service, productivity, efficiency and just how much pedal power it takes to run a blender! The money raised will be going to support Town View School in Uganda. Judith Mugenyi, the Headmistress, and I have started a WhatsApp conversation. She has been window shopping for play equipment and has sent some photos of what is available for sale for their playground. The cost comes in at a whopping 2,650,000 Ugandan shillings. Goodness, I thought, very expensive! Then I looked at the exchange rate and it works out to approximately £600. She is looking at the cost of water solutions this weekend. I thought I would ask the girls if they wanted to give the Ugandan children a really good Christmas present and send the funds with our contact who is travelling there on the 3rd December. It seems like an excellent opportunity to get the money there safely, so if they agree, we will send enough for play equipment and water if we can. This will make a huge difference to their lives.

We look forward to a very busy time as December looms. A letter outlining all arrangements for the various end of term events will be sent to you on Monday. I’d also like to announce that the following girls will be singing solos at our Christingle service: Bella, Izzy L, Isobel, Daisy Ph, Gwen, Saskia and Kyra. Mr Steer will assign the most suitable solo to them on Monday, when we will also announce our readers for the service.

Michaelmas 2017 Week 10 Newsletter (PDF – 1Mb)