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Lent 2020

Lent 2020 Week 10: 20/3/2020

Lent Term – Week 10

Naturesbase is my new favourite place. In the middle of the beautiful countryside of West Wales, several miles from the nearest town and blessed with charming accomodation, beautiful outdoor space and a variety of animals, it is truly idyllic. Year 5 had a wonderful week of challenge and fun, and we all felt a million miles away from the current health crisis. My huge thanks to the staff team and supportive parents for allowing us to take your girls away in such uncertain times. The memories they have made there will last forever. Back at base, the staff were determined to give the girls the best week possible, as we were reasonably sure that it would be our last of the term. We have kept everything as ‘normal’ as possible and worked hard to manage the girls’ anxieties and encourage them to remain positive and upbeat. Childhood is so precious, and should be protected if at all possible. Here are some helpful tips for managing any anxiety your daughters might have.

Lent 2020 Week 10 Newsletter (PDF – 1mb)