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Lent 2019

Lent 2019 Week 7: 15/2/2019

Lent Term – Week  7

Today has been a very interesting day with industrial strike action taking place for the first time in the Girls’ Prep, in my recollection. Our prefects today led assembly and emphasised the power of team work and when it might help to work together. Dr Murcott then leapt to his feet as we were about to announce the stars of the week and declared he was going out on strike. Silence greeted this announcement – for a nanosecond – then the pupils of MGP showed their appreciation with a militant cheer and prepared to walk out! A fine example of teamwork following on so quickly from the presentation. He explained that today, schoolchildren all over the world were showing their dissatisfaction with the rate at which the world is listening to concerns about climate change. MGP pupils were keen to show solidarity – indeed, Lucy, Petra and Elizabeth remained in the playground with banners and missed lunch and choir! (We did keep a frugal meal aside for them but they held firm). It was good to see the girls taking notice of the world around them and having the courage of their convictions, although we did ask them if they wouldn’t mind coming back into lessons once their protest had been formally noted. Maybe we should put them on to sorting out Brexit?

Lent 2019 Week 7 Newsletter (PDF – 1Mb)