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Lent 2019

Lent 2019 Week 12: 29/3/2019

Lent Term – Week 12

I heard a deeply felt comment in the dining room today; “Oh I wish there was school tomorrow, but there isn’t!” My heart swelled with emotion. Isn’t this just what a teacher wants to hear? Pupils who love learning here so much that they’d like to come every day! Upon further investigation, as she walked back to her seat with choc chip sponge in her bowl, Hetty revealed that she was going to be missing the fabulous puddings on offer every day. Still, absence makes the heart grow fonder and the waistline grow smaller……

We have had a beautiful week in the spring sunshine. The hens are laying regularly and some very small omelettes can now be made. I think we may have more chicks in the summer as I am fairly certain that the eggs are fertilised, without going into too much detail. This has generated discussion of a scientific nature and has complemented the PSHE discussions the older girls have had with Nurse Caffel this week.

An amazing willow dome and tunnel has sprung up this week and will be ready for the girls to use next term, albeit with not much leaf cover to start with. My thanks to the mums who were able to come and help and to Dr Murcott, Mrs Partridge and Mrs Beaumont who rolled their sleeves up and got Year 5 helping out. Our Form planters are being painted and will be full of rich compost in April, ready for all the pupils to enjoy digging and growing plants at all times of the day. This will mean that you will have to have a nail scrubbing session each evening, but well worth it!

We rounded off our term of “Power” with an amazing visit from the Zakhele group yesterday. This group is supported by the Za Foundation ( and they stunned the girls with the power of their music and dance. During the morning, we found out that there was a particularly powerful connection with the African Children’s choir at the beginning of term – two of the Zakhele members toured with one of the choirs over 10 years ago! The Foundation supports a variety of projects in South Africa-do have a look at their website and if you are interested, they are performing a concert in the Bristol area tomorrow evening-details on their website.

We have looked at our charity funds so far this year and find we have a fair amount in our account. The girls voted today to donate three lots of £350 to the Zakhele group, Ty Hafan and Cancer Research Wales to help reach the PHD funding total. Thank you everyone for your generosity so far this year.

Lent 2019 Week 12 Newsletter (PDF – 1.8Mb)