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Lent 2019

Lent 2019 Week 11: 22/3/2019

Lent Term – Week 11

I started the week on the West coast of Wales with Year 5 – such a treat. Spending time out of the classroom with pupils is always brilliant. Their energy and enjoyment is infectious and once away from pen and paper, all sorts of different characteristics come to the fore. The week has been challenging for the girls, but enormously rewarding. I felt very proud of the way they handled homesickness, unfamiliar challenges, mud and rain and I know they will have many stories to tell on their return. My thanks as always go to the staff who accompanied the trip for giving up their own time. It is huge fun but also exhausting being on duty 24 hours a day! My thanks also to the staff who stayed in school and provided excellent lessons on behalf of their absent colleagues. Next term will see Year 4 heading off into the unknown!

Lent 2019 Week 11 Newsletter (PDF – 762Kb)