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Lent 2018

Lent 2018 Week 3: 19/1/2018

Lent Term – Week 3

It’s been a busy week-but then, show me a week that isn’t! Lots of paperwork due with Governors’ subcommittee meetings next week. You can imagine then, that I slightly begrudged having to leave my desk to help out with some extra lessons to cover for staff (and to be scrupulously fair, staff are attending courses to further develop their already excellent practice). This feeling was only momentary though, as I was swept up in the enthusiasm of the children. 4P were bubbling over with ideas for requests for small project funding. The Friends have a scheme whereby pupils can bid for funds in a Dragons’ Den manner; 4P came up with some amazing ideas and are now charged with making these ideas come true. Anna P in particular is determined to make her dream become a reality! The other forms will be brought on board in due course and the best ideas will be put before our School Council who will select which ones to send to the Dragons. I believe I am a Dragon, which may be of no surprise to some of you. Whilst teaching Year 6, we looked at DNA and had some fascinating conversations about where we come from and who we are – do ask your daughters about this. We announced our monitors this morning and I was particularly pleased that Izzy L in Year 6 will be taking on the role of Accelerated Reader Ambassador. She already shares her love of reading with the Year 3 Reading club and I know she will drive the love of reading forward with some great ideas to enthuse the children. I asked for Competition monitors; 2 hours later I have them; Bella and Xanthe accosted me immediately after our service this morning and have already been to see me with ideas. Watch this space!

Positions announced were Edie and Niamh for dance, Joana and Gwen for sport, Hannah and Freya T for cloakroom, Saskia and Lily J for Librarians as well as the above.

Lent 2018 Week 3 Newsletter (PDF – 884Kb)